Port Austin Kayak Launch

Walk In Rentals

We will launch you directly from our shop or from our site at Veteran's Waterfront Park a short walk away. 

Walk In Rentals are First Come First Serve. Walk In Rentals Available: 100 single kayaks, 20 tandem, 20 SUP 


4 Hour Rental

If you want to see the beautiful Turnip Rock, this is for you.

The paddle to Turnip Rock and back can easily be done in 4 hours. Out of respect to other paddlers and residents around Turnip Rock, we ask that you do not plan on partying or spending an extended period of time at Turnip Rock. 


$35    Single Kayak

$40    Tandem Kayak

$35    Stand Up Paddleboard

Learn More About Turnip Rock Here

We do not recommend taking SUPs to Turnip Rock.  If the wind picks up it is a very long paddle home.

Tandem kayaks are not allowed on the Turnip Rock trail. This trail is for single kayaks only. 


1 Hour Rental

Want to try out kayaking for the first time? Our 1 hour rate is for you. Take a paddle and see how you like it!

$15     Single Kayak

$20    Tandem Kayak

$15     Stand Up Paddleboard

2 Hour Rental

We recommend 2 hours for the Broken Rocks Trail, or for general paddling in the lake or Port Austin Harbor.

$25     Single Kayak

$30    Tandem Kayak

$25     Stand Up Paddleboard


Daily Rental Rates

(Longer than 4 Hours) If you don't want to be on a clock, our day rate is for you.

You can reserve a day long kayak or paddleboard rental online ahead of your visit. Daily rentals through our online reservation system are required to be picked up by 11am or your kayak will be released to another paddler. 

$45     Single Kayak

$55     Tandem Kayak

$50      Stand Up Paddleboard

Weekly Rental Rates

On vacation and want to do a lot of paddling? 

Pick up a kayak for a 5 day or 7 day rental and paddle to your heart's content. Free delivery to the Port Austin Area. 

5 Day Rates

$180    Single Kayak

$200    Tandem Kayak

$200     Stand Up Paddleboard


7 Day Rates

$225    Single Kayak

$250     Tandem Kayak

$250     Stand Up Paddleboard


Bike Rental

Beach Cruisers, Mountain Bikes, and Kids Bikes are available. 

All bikes are first come first serve rentals.No advanced bike rental options are available at this time.


1 Hour - $5

3 Hour - $10

Day - $15

5 Day - $60

Week - $75


Do I need a reservation?

No. We have over 100 kayaks available for rental on a first come first serve basis. We may run out of rentals for a period of time on the busiest days, but we do keep a waiting list for when rented kayaks are returned.

We do offer a small amount kayaks and SUPs for morning reservations. If you'd like to reserve a kayak or paddleboard ahead of time, you can purchase a day rental on our Reservations Page

Set Aside For Reservations: 30 single kayaks, 5 tandem, 5 SUPs

Questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 989-550-6651.