Turnip Rock Trail

4 hour rental recommended

The  Turnip Rock trail is our most popular. This trail follows along the shallow, mostly undeveloped shore to some of the most majestic rock formations in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Along the way you will see many bird species and possibly an eagle or two.  Once at Turnip Rock you will also see the "Thumb Nail" rock, rocky cliffs,  and sea caves. This trip can be done in 2-4 hours. If you want to take it slow and relaxed you will want to rent for the day. Tandem kayak are not allowed to Turnip Rock; these kayaks are only allowed on the Broken Rocks trail. 


Broken Rocks Trail

2 hour or 4 hour rental recommended

The Broken Rocks Trail is our beginner trail. This trail leads you past cool rock formations, sea caves and on to Table Rock where you can pull up, take a swim and have some lunch. The Broken Rocks Trail can be completed in under three hours.  

Port Austin Reef Light

This trail is for experienced kayakers only and should only be done on the calmest days

This trail takes you two miles into Lake Huron. The Port Austin Reef Lighthouse sits on a shoal which causes waves to move unexpectedly and can result in tipping the kayak. No tandem kayaks are allowed out to the lighthouse.  


Other Trails

(delivery to trailhead required)


Grindstone City to Port Austin Trail

We can drop kayaks off at Grindstone City where you can explore magnificent cliffs before paddling west back to the shop. On the way you will pass undeveloped shoreline where you may see eagles and Point aux Barques. If you are really adventurous, in good shape, and it is a nice day, you could head out to the lighthouse before coming back to our shop.

Tip Of The Thumb Heritage Water Trail

Our shop is located at the Center of the Huron County portion of the Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail. This trail offers many great places to explore. We love paddling in and around the shallow, natural area of Bay Port. This is a birders paradise. We also like the rugged shoreline and lighthouses between Grindstone City and Harbor Beach. Let us know where you want to paddle along the trail and we will get you there.  

For more information on the Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail,